Florence Tuscany



90 km from the hotel Prategiano in Tuscany Maremma: Florence is located in a pleasant valley surrounded by hills and crossed by the Arno River. This city is rich in monuments, historical buildings, galleries and museums, which express all the magnificence of its ancient civilization.


Considered Cradle of the Renaissance, Florence offers the opportunity to visit various monuments including: The Duomo, alongside which stands the bell tower of Giotto; the Baptistery of San Giovanni, Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi Gallery, one of the most famous art museums, containing some of the most famous works of the Medici same collection; Palazzo Vecchio, in front of which we find the Fountain of Neptune and the Loggia della Signoria; The villas and the Medicean Gardens, which since 2013 are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site; Casa Buonarroti, having inside some paintings of Michelangelo. Famous for its shopping avenues, like Lung'Arno walk that ends at Ponte Vecchio and its wonderful jewelery shops, Florence offers a daytime and evening entertainment, given the presence of several pubs and clubs, even those not purely interested in historical or artistic part of the city.

The world-famous main street is lined with cultural monuments and leads up to the wonderful Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) with its traditional goldsmith shops. There are innumerable monuments and art masterpieces to visit, including: Giotto's Tower, designed by Giotto in 1334; the Pitti Palace, created from an original design by Brunelleschi in the second half of the 1400's;


the courtyard of Ammannati the Buonarroti house, which contains some paintings by Michelangelo; Forte di Belvedere that dates from the end of the 1500's; the Uffizi Palace, started by Vasari in 1560; Loggia della Signoria, begun in 1376 from an original design by Arcagno; and Palazzo Vecchio, built between 1293 and 1314.


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