Holidays with E-Bike and tours with e bikes in Tuscany

E Bike Tours in Maremma Tuscany


Surrounded by the unique silence of the Maremma Tuscany you can expect bike holidays with lots of fun and endless flow. Amidst the chestnut and oak forests and the evergreen vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub, you will find an extensive network of over 500 kilometers, including some especially for mountain bikers manually built singletrails. For all well-trained MTB fans, the electric bikes offer a special kick on steep trails and technically challenging tracks. But the e bikes have also many advantages for less trained bikers and the additional mechanical help allows longer tours and to discover this nearly untouched part of Maremma Tuscany, Italy, in a relaxed way.

Come with your own bike or try one of our high quality e-bikes! A small environmentally friendly DC electric motor on the pedal axle provides a mechanical additional push that gives you an extra boost uphill. You will easily overcome steep climbs that you did not dare previously. If you want to rent one of our e-bikes, please let us know by mail - -, which size (L, M or S) you prefer. With the E-MTB you can ride the same tours as with the regular MTB. A description of our most popular mountain bike tours can be found on this page. Below are two technically challenging, partially built tours where you will have special fun with the e-bike. Of course, these MTB tours are also accessible by normal mountain bike.

MTB or E-bike tour "Monte Arsenti"

A group of MTB fans has built here with big commitment great enduro trails. This tour for MTBs and E-bikes starts near Massa Marittima (18 km from Prategiano). Come with us on a guided tour or drive by car and take the turn to the right towards Montebamboli. There is no parking, but you can leave the car at the begin of the gravel road in direction "Cippo Commemorativo". First, you climb the summit of Monte Arsenti at 580 meters above sea level, where you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the Tuscan hills until the sea. Then a downhill awaits you through countless curves, a flow par excellence. Kickers and tables allow jumps, but can also be rolled or bypassed. We recommend also very experienced bikers to use kneepads.


MTB or E-bike Tour "La Pesta"

Also the tour "La Pesta" is a technically challenging tour for MTBs and E-bikes with many waves and curves that make every biker's heart beat faster. Starting point is west of Massa Marittima. You can park your car at the gas station at the crossing. Many singletrails lead through the woods around the tiny villages of La Pesta and Capanne. On the way back you bike through typical Tuscan open landscapes before you reach the highlight of the tour: the "Canyon", a deep, shady sunken path with many flowing curves.