Cycling Holidays in Tuscany, Italy

Cycle and bike tours in Maremma Toscana


Enjoy great cycling routes from the hills of Maremma Tuscany to the coast, Siena, San Gimignano or Volterra. The surroundings of Bikehotel Prategiano are considered a paradise for cyclists. Every direction features countless amazing views, challenging inclines, and quiet roads. During your cycling holidays our hotel staff is happy to help you find a route that caters to your expectations. Please let us know in advance by mail - - if you want to rent a cycle or if you bring your own bikes. We recommend bringing your own GPS device, as you can download several cycle tours from our computer to your GPS.

We offer many services for our cyclists:

  • detailed maps and route proposals for your tours by racing bike
  • bike rental: high quality road bikes, e-bikes and MTBs
  • free downloads of several routes to your GPS
  • description and GPS tracks for tours by e-bike or MTB 
  • lockable bicycle room, place for repairs and cleaning
  • emergency service (pick-up by minibus if required)
  • transfers by minibus (also with trailer), so you can start/finish your bike trips away from the Hotel
  • washing machine at your disposal
  • possibility to rent front suspension bikes
  • abundant breakfast buffet
  • optional picnics in the countryside
  • possibility for take-away picnics

Routes for road or racing bikes


Round trip cycle tour of Montieri - Palazzetto - the Abbey of San Galgano - Frassini - Chiusdino - Ciciano - Montieri: 39 km, total elevation 850 m, 100% paved road; Highlights: stop at the River Merse, visit to the famous Monastery of San Galgano, one of the most well known monuments of Tuscany, a small road with little traffic crossing over fields and beautiful landscape, a break in the picturesque village of Chiusdino, possibility to join other guests for a picnic at the river.

Round trip cycle tour of Montieri - Monterotondo - Castelnuovo - Anque - Montieri: 62 km, total elevation 1100 m: 100% paved road. Highlights: geothermal area at Castelnuovo, small road with little traffic up to the holding of Anqua, splendid countryside with many abandoned farms, stop at river Cecina. Attention: the road before Anqua is unpaved for 1 km but is easy to cycle.

Round trip cycle tour of Montieri - Massa Marittima - Prata - Montieri: about 70 km, 100% paved road. Highlights: visit to Massa Marittima with a famous Cathedral and one of the most beautiful "piazza" of Tuscany. Stop at the medieval village of Prata, beautiful fields and valleys.

Round trip cycle tour Montieri - Travale - Montalcinello - Chiusdino - Montieri: about 60 km, total elevation 900 m: 100% asphalt; Highlights: Beautiful quiet roads, stop in Montalcinello, visit at Chiusdino, possible picnic near Chiusdino.

Cycling route Montieri - Chiusdino - Rosia - Siena - Monteriggioni - Radicondoli - Montieri: about 110 km

Cycling route Montieri - Follonica (sea-side) - Scarlino - Tatti - Montieri: about 130 km

Cycling tour Montieri - San Gimigniano - Volterra - Montieri: about 150 km

Easy routes for tours on MTB or trekking bikes

Trekking Bike Route Prategiano - Montieri - Palazzetto - the Abbey of San Galgano - Frassini - Chiusdino - Ciciano - Prategiano: 39km, total elevation 850m: 100% paved roads.

Trekking Bike Route Prategiano- Gerfalco - Travale - Prategiano: 22km, total elevation 650m: 13.5km paved road, 8.5km dirt tracks. Highlights: we suggest a visit to the medieval village of Gerfalco. With your trekking or mountain bike you ride along a splendid dirt track road which crosses the 'Parco Naturale della Cornate" with great views, restored antique farmhouses, springs with crystal clear water, and a break in the village of Travale.

Trekking Bike Route Prategiano - summit "Poggio di Prata" - Prata - Montieri - Prategiano: 31km, total elevation 700m, 23.5km tarmac road, 7.5km dirt track. Highlights: splendid oak and chestnut woods, glimpses of views of Massa Marittima, the Maremma Toscana coastline out to the Island of Elba and Corsica, possible picnic near the antique fountain, a break in the medieval village of Prata.

Trekking Bike Route Prategiano - Travale - Montalcinello - Chiusdino - Ciciano - Prategiano: 33km, total elevation 800m; 28km tarmac road, 4km dirt track road , 1km track: Highlights: geothermal area of Lagoni, beautiful dirt roads along the top of the hill, a stop at the village of Montalcinello, visit to Chiusdino.

Cycling Holidays in Tuscany, Italy
Cycling Holidays in Tuscany, Italy
Cycling Holidays in Tuscany, Italy
Cycling Holidays in Tuscany, Italy
Cycling Holidays in Tuscany, Italy
Cycling Holidays in Tuscany, Italy
Cycling Holidays in Tuscany, Italy
Cycling Holidays in Tuscany, Italy


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