The Metallifere - Le Colline Metallifere

The Metallifere Hills


The ore-rich hills of the area Colline Metallifere (hills full of metal) extends from the northern part of the Province of Grosseto to the mountainous heights of the Cornate in Gerfalco. In gradual steps, the hills reduce in elevation down to the Gulf of Follonica on the Maremma coast.

The metalliferous hills are the largest mountainous hilly area of Tuscany.


It spreads north of the province of Grosseto, with a mountainous landscape of Cornate of Gerfalco, followed by ending hills in the wide Gulf of Follonica and the coast of the high Grosseto Maremma. Characterized by beautiful landscapes and a very diverse flora, is very pleasant change from the thick forests of oak trees, the Mediterranean followed by harmoniously coastline with white beaches and clear water surrounded by the pleasant green of the pine forests refreshing. The notoriety of the area is given mainly by its mining past. The Etruscans had settled the area, creating an advanced society based on the exploitation of mineral resources. The mining activities of the area continued, with several ups and downs, until the years 80/90 of the twentieth century. All this led to the development of some of the steel city still present (Follonica Montieri, Gavorrano, Monterotondo), in which you can find remains of ancient furnaces and settlements of the ages mentioned above. The wealth of minerals characterizes still the beautiful panorama of the Metalliferous Hills, the nuances of mining land, mixed with lively flora colors create a landscape that fits snugly around the ancient villages, castles, fortresses and various ruins, incastonandoli in a picture who seems to have stopped time. During your horseback riding holidays and bike tours you will experience the beauty of this region in an especially intensiv way.


On the coast of Follonica and in the field of the Metallifere hills, one can still see the remains of ancient furnaces used for melting iron ore. The Etruscan, and later, Roman cities such as Gavoranno, Montieri and Monterotondo became increasingly important centers of the iron industry due to their rich deposits of copper, silver and iron. Surrounded by the spectacular scenery of castles, city walls, fortresses and churches, the old mining equipment continues to be merged with ever transforming nature.


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