The lake Lago D'Accesa

The Lake d'Accesa


30 km m from the Hotel Prategiano in Maremma Tuscany: The Lago d'Accesa is a small lake, only 14 acres, with a depth of 50 m. It is surrounded by reeds and oak trees. In the summer the water warms to about 25 degrees celius, providing a nice place for a swim. It is a famous site for Etruscan ruins, and there even exists a small park detailing some of the sites.


It is a place with a strong archaeological interest, in fact in the area was found an Etruscan settlement, consisting of five different neighborhoods and several cemeteries. The area was densely populated and exploited by the Etruscans, as its rich deposits of silver, lead and ferrous materials were the source of income of the area. In two of these locations within the area we are still preserved remains of Roman blast furnaces used in the area.


The beginning of the reclamation works undertaken in the eighteenth century coincided with the arrest of mining activities in the area. Since 2001, the entire area has become theme park of the Etruscan civilization, perfectly visited thanks to the trails equipped with information boards describing the features of the ancient center of the ovens for the processing of metals and necropolis.

For those not interested in the historical part of the lake is an excellent destination for hiking, horseback riding, mtb and cycle tours in the pristine nature of the Metalliferous Hills.


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