Rimigliano Coastal Park

Rimigliano Natural Park


60 km from the Hotel Prategiano in Maremma Tuscany: This park covers a strip of thick green landscape overlooking the sea. Here, the Mediterranean vegetation is particularly varied in size, form and color. The park extends over beaches and dunes where the vegetation has been shaped by sea breezes, and also includes shady forest dominated by holm oak and maritime pine with their characteristic parasol-shaped tops.


The park is part of the Parks of the Val di Cornia, which aims to enhance and protect the archaeological and natural interest. The initial goal was to turn it into a park, but was later marked as protected park. The coastal path that is in its interior has historic features dating back to the time of Napoleon. In fact, he gave himself to his sister Elisa the principality of Piombino to allow her to cross his kingdom with dignity, building a road calling it "Princess" .The fauna over time has been gradually decreasing due to human presence in summer and frequent noises road. In any case, you may spot some species of mammals such as wild boars, foxes, squirrels, owls and various birds. Going inward, the flora is characterized by diverse habitats as the first embryonic dunes, mobile dunes, radunale forest and wetlands. The main activity is the seaside kind since the entire area is made up of paths that lead straight to the beach, crossed on foot, bike and horseback.


The Coastal Park of Rimigliano occupies the most southern part of the Livorno Municipality territory of San Vincenzo, on the border with the Municipalities of Piombino and Campiglia Marittima.

It covers around 650 hectares between the sea and the Rome-Genoa railway line, and is spilt lengthways from north-west to south-east by the provincial road, the Principessa (SP 23), connecting San Vincenzo to Piombino.

The road divides the park into 2 areas. One part is the wooded coastal strip with dunes and the beach. The other, more extended section of the park, includes farming areas, the former lake area of Rimigliano, and a varied forest with prevalently oak species that have replaced the preceding pines.


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