Montieri, Maremma Tuscany



1 km from the Hotel Prategiano in Maremma Tuscany: In the past, Montieri was the most prosperous mining town in Tuscany. Built in the 11th century, the main structure of the town still stands, although modified. The town is situated on the northern side of the mountain at an altitude of about 700 meters, and is surrounded by chestnut, oak and beech-tree forests.

The origin of Montieri dates back to an ancient Etruscan settlement, but the first actual documents are only of '896, and determine the sale of the land area of Montieri to the Bishop of Volterra.

The mineral resources of the area have been widely exploited by the bishopric of Volterra, which in 1181 because of debts sold contracts in Siena a part of mining territories, thus making it possible for the Sienese minting its own currency.

In about 1200 we have the first documentations regarding the Mint of Montieri, through which the bishopric minted its first coin "The Montieri Grosso". Towards the end of 1300, the mineral resources of the area began to be impoverished and powerful city that controlled the left to their decline, along with the general economy of the village itself. The main attraction of Montieri is not his story, but the surrounding nature. The rich vegetation of beeches, oaks, chestnut trees is ideal for mountain biking, horseback riding and cycling holidays also during the warm summer months.


The appearance and the medieval charm are at the heart of the beauty of Montieri, embellished by the "houses Towers", by small alleys, the Town Hall and the church of San Giacomo, which offers a splendid view of Montieri and metalliferous hills.

The mountain, at 1047 meters, is one of the highest mountains of the Colline Metallifere, and on its top stands a monumental iron Cross built in 1961. The name Montieri comes from Mons Aeris, Mountain of the Copper. It is quoted for the first time in 11th century after Christ.

Today, the most important enterprise in the Montieri region is the geothermal power plant of Enel Green Power. Thanks to the vapor sources of the region, the steam power stations provide 30% of the electricity for all of Tuscany. In 2014, works for building a pipeline network were finished in Montieri. Now, the whole village is supplied with ecological heat and hot water.


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